Dragons of the Sabbat (SUPER SIZE)

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Artist: Anne Stokes
Stitch count: 755 x 800
No of colours: 90

Floss usage: DragonsoftheSabbatbyAnneStokes-floss

Due to the size, we are not offering this as a kit in either 14 or 18 count fabric.  The chart is nearly 200 pages….

And no, it’s not available in a standard size – this piece of art *has* to be big to do justice to the dragons. But aren’t they gorgeous?

Although we don’t usually offer it, we are able to offer BLACK fabric for this one,  in either 25 count, 27 count, or 32 count. If you want 27 count black fabric, choose the 28 count kit option and put a note in at checkout please.  We will still supply 50m of black which will enable you to stitch a fair amount of the black in and around the dragons, but not the background (and if you need a topup just let us know). Our kit makers will thank you.

If you’d rather stitch the quarter million black stitches on white fabric (no, I’m not kidding – check the floss usage list) – then we will of course provide all the thread you should need for that.


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CHARTS (Downloads & Printed) CONTAIN:
• Accurate colour mockup of finished piece on front sheet (printed on high gloss photocard on printed charts)
• Instructions on how to tackle a large design
• Easy to read black & white pattern (printed on high quality paper on printed charts)
• Page layout guide on every page
• Full colour key
• Floss usage list (for stitching 2 over 1 on 25 count fabric)

• Everything listed above, plus…
• Pre-sorted DMC Stranded Cotton with extra length
• Fabric complete with an extra 3 inch border around each sides
• Needles
• Full Instructions with diagrams

Recommended fabric: 18 count or higher. You may stitch it on any fabric you’re comfortable with, but you will get a better effect at closer range when stitching on a higher count fabric.

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1 review for Dragons of the Sabbat (SUPER SIZE)

  1. bossybat (verified owner)

    Truly a MASSIVE project! I got this as a PDF download, ordering was a breeze and the pattern was available a couple minutes later. The pattern is easy to read and well explained. I think the way I will be tackling this project is by working the ‘Wheel of the Year’ outlines first (working from the inside out) and then adding the individual dragons. Just ‘sketching’ the basic outlines onto the fabric was a fun project . A friend of mine is going to make a custom build scroll floor frame for me to make handling easier. At this stage I plan to do this project without the ‘quarter million black stitches’ but may decide later on to at least fill around the dragons and inside the wheel in black. No doubt this will take me maybe 3+ years to finish (if I do at least 300 stitches a day with no black background stitches) Fun times ahead!!!
    I will be getting more patterns in the near future (albeit somewhat smaller ones) just in case I need a ‘break’ from this massive beastie!

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