Nene Thomas

Nene has been drawing and painting her entire life, but she began her career as a professional artist in 1994 when she was approached by a company called Wizards of the Coast to contribute work to the popular collectible card game “Magic: the Gathering”. She worked for WotC and many other CCG companies for the next several years, until she grew tired of bringing to life other peoples’ visions. So, she left contract art behind and became a print artist, painting only the things she wanted to paint.

Making the switch from contract artist to print artist wasn’t easy, because the pay is much better in contract art, but the freedom to paint whatever she wanted more than made up for the loss of revenue. Eventually, she made a name for herself in the world of faery art, selling her paintings at shows around the country and online, and now products adorned with her art can be found in stores all around the world.


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