PDF charts

When you download your PDF, please save it to your LOCAL device first, *then* you can upload to cloud storage such as Dropbox.

All of our FULL COVERAGE PDF charts are PatternKeeper (PK) and Markup R-XP compatible. If you find you’ve got an older one that isn’t, just message us (email, contact form etc) and we’ll replace it for one that is 🙂

Why do I need to download them locally first then upload to the cloud?

The majority of problems that people have with downloads is that they’re trying to do too much all at once, and their internet connection simply doesn’t cope. If you’re downloading a chart direct to the cloud, what you’re actually doing is both downloading it AND uploading it at the same time. Downloading it first, saving it to your local device, THEN storing it on Dropbox/Googledrive (or whatever) solves almost every “download problem” that’s been reported to us. So please do it that way 🙂

If your order contained physical items, as they are made to order and shipped, your order won’t be completed until they have actually been sent.

KIT PDFs – If you ordered a PDF chart instead of a printed chart with your kit, it’ll be emailed to you rather than being available in your downloads tab.

Should I stitch “over 1” or “over 2” ?

If you’re just buying the chart, you can stitch it however you want (they’ll look great any way, just different sizes). However our kits are made with the intent to be stitched “over 1” (yes, even the 32 count option).

14, 18 and 20 count kits come with aida fabric, 25, 28 and 32 counts with evenweave.

The only exception is the 14 count kit – which you can purchase EITHER with Aida (to be stitched over 1) or with evenweave (28 count – should be stitched over 2).

If you stitch over 2 when your kit has been supplied for over 1, you will run out of fabric & thread.

How many strands of floss should I use?

We supply DMC floss on your organiser card (in kits) in lengths of 1m, and DMC is a 6-stranded floss which you’ll need to separate before starting to stitch with it. 14, 18, 20, and 25 count kits come with enough floss to allow you to stitch full crosses with 2 strands of floss. 28 and 32 count kits come with enough floss to allow you to stitch full crosses with a single strands of floss.

You may choose to use tent stitch with 2 strands on 28 or 32 count kits too.

25 count stitchers may prefer to only use 1 strand, or use 2 strands, to do either full cross or tent stitch. Some stitchers find that 2 strand full cross is too “tight”, others find it fine – it’s a matter of your personal stitching tension and taste. We provide enough thread for you to do either option.


About 10-14 days from the time you place your order. Sometimes sooner. There’s a message on the website at the top of the screen which tells you which week we’re currently kitting up – that’ll give you an indication of how long the wait is likely to be.
Then wait for it to arrive! You’ll be sent tracking details when we complete your order.

We normally post twice a week – non-kit items on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and kits we’ve made during the week on a Thursday or Friday (plus any non-kit items that have come in since the last post office run).


The UK (that’s where we are) left the EU on 31st December 2020. This means that any shipments going to other countries outside the UK may be subject to import VAT and clearance fees when they arrive in your country. This is not something we have visibility or control over, and although our prices do NOT include VAT, the charges which your country’s import department make are down to your own countries laws. These fees are something you will have to pay to receive your goods (it’s worth remembering this when you’re placing an order).

Paine Free Crafts wasn’t in favour of Brexit for a number of reasons, the main one being that we feel we should work closely with our European friends, and trade and free movement were far easier when we were a part of the EU. However, we have to deal with what’s happened, and we have done our best to keep prices as low as possible, we cannot take any liability for charges you may incur

Do your prices include VAT?

Paine Free Crafts Ltd is registered for VAT within the UK, and in Sweden for digital products purchased within the EU.

The website is pretty clever – when you log in, it checks your registered address and will show you prices that include the right rate of VAT (if you’re in the UK, all prices will include VAT – printed charts at 0%, all else at 20%), and if you’re NOT in the UK, it’ll all be at 0% – except digital products (PDFs) which, if you’re in the EU, will have your own country’s VAT rate applied.

So if you see a different price when you log in, from when you’re not logged in, or you see a different price from someone else, this is the most likely reason 🙂