Gudrun Hall

Gudrun is the quirky artist from the land of Vikings and saunas. As a child, she had an easy commute to Valhalla. This is where her imagination was kindled by beings who were either extraordinary people or lesser deities. Gudrun decided to pursue her true passion – art – at a very young age.

Armed with her trusty computer and a love of all things digital, Gudrun has thrived in the frozen tundra of Northern Alberta. Inspired by the challenges of living in such a remote location, Gudrun has flourished as an artist. Her innate creativity, ability to see the unseeable, and advanced technology allow her to bring into being beautiful pieces of digital art that have garnered a devoted global following.

When she’s not busy designing, Gudrun can be found meditating alongside the river, quietly observing the absurdity of nature, or honing her MMA skills. Braving the cold of winter and horseflies of summer, Gudrun wouldn’t have it any other way. The peace and quiet of Northern Alberta is the perfect place for her to unleash her creativity.


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