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  • Choose “Chart option: PDF only” on kit purchases to save money and be sent a pdf for your kit instead of a printed chart. If you forget to do this at time of kit purchase, you can buy the “backup pdf of kit chart” item for a reduced pdf price 🙂
  • Organiser cards printed on recycled card
  • Additional threads tagged and put in project bag, not in a separate plastic ziplock bag
  • Needles purchased in bulk without packaging, and placed in a PFC-made needlepack with no plastic use
  • Re-usable clear bags with handles used for kits

All kits are manufactured with original DMC thread and Zweigart fabric. They are made to order, so from the time you place your order, please allow at least 10 working days before chasing. If you’re outside the UK, international postage can take 2-3 weeks, but you will get an email on the day that your order ships, confirming that the order is “complete”.

If you’re looking for our contact info – that link has changed – it’s here now!

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OUR STORY TO DATE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

January 2022 – Betty joined the team.

March 2021 – Ashlleigh joined us part time to help make kits. She’s not with us any more, but is doing well and still enjoying stitching!

1/1/2021  Paine Free Crafts Ltd registered and starts trading (previously we were trading as a “sole trader” so this feels like a big deal).

Mid 2020 – Amalie joined us part time to help make kits. She is no longer working with us, as she found a great job working with her other half, but we remain in contact as friends 🙂

Late 2019 – Sarah’s hubby, Simon, joined the Paine Free Crafts team and so, we now make our kits “in house” to the high standards you’ve come to expect from Paine Free Crafts.

In 2017, GeckoRouge wanted to concentrate on their own designs, so we partnered with Stitchpix! Stitchpix are another family run UK company, who also offer high quality kits to order. Nicola & Andy run Stitchpix, and they’re awesome to work with. Needleminders are now made by Sarah, in Scotland, and dispatched direct.

In 2016, we launched into wholesale, and you can now buy printed charts in many online and brick stores. If a Paine Free Crafts chart is not available in your local store, why not ask them to start stocking them?

2015 – we added needleminders to the range of products on offer – also manufactured by the fabulous GeckoRouge team, and fully licenced with the artists.

In 2014, Paine Free Crafts partnered with GeckoRouge, and so were able to start offering full kits of all the charts to the same high quality that GeckoRouge have been making for quite a few years.

Sarah Paine has always loved making finely detailed cross-stitch charts. In 2012 Paine Free Crafts was started, to licence artwork from the hugely talented range of artists in the world, and create beautiful and detailed cross-stitch charts so that others could stitch them too.