Apocalypse Princesses

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Artist: Tess Fowler
Stitch count: 456 x 592
No of colours: 80

Floss usage: ApocalypsePrincessesbyTessFowler-floss

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From Tess:
Reposting again, for those who didn’t get the chance to see it.

There have been so many widespread visceral responses to “Apocalypse Princesses”. I’ve heard gripes about me putting Mulan in the wrong attire, bitching about the corsets and feminine clothing, and even one rant about how it’s not the Apocalypse if it doesn’t look like a Mad Max movie.

I warned people they wouldn’t like my take on the Disney princesses. Each and every one of those princesses in their respective movies were sexual. I don’t care how you want to skew it. They dripped with sex. With their tight little outfits, and their pouty lips and their big doe eyes. They were all fantasies. (Yes even Mulan so you shut up too) Be it by the symbolism of their situations, or the actual physical attributes they were given, they were colorful representations of females in male dominated worlds.

I drew them still clad in the colorful symbolism they were created in. But I turned it on it’s ear. Behind every one of them is evidence that she’s on her own, and that her male love interest has either died, is missing, or has been murdered in a couple of cases. They are recognizable because of the colors and costumes they still wear. But evidence of the changes are very much present. They took what was at hand, and used it. Some have changed a lot. Some not so much.

You’re looking at the demise of their perfect happily ever after storylines. THAT is the Apocalypse.

Get it?

Yeah…you thought it was just a bunch of boobies, huh?

“Cinderella is the Ghost. I imagine her out on the dunes, lost and a little sad. Snow is the Poisons Expert. Hence the shrunken dwarf heads. They were an experiment that went awry. Tink has a St Christopher statue tied to her wings. I imagine her being the aerial assault. And her wings are held together with duct tape. Wendy is the leader. She has a thimble around her neck. And a croc tattoo. Esmeralda has a Djali goat embroidery on her vest. And sunbursts on the front of her vest. She’s the thief, of course. Ariel is mutated by toxic waste, as is Flounder. Her jewelry is made of shells and sea trash. Alice is the explosives expert. Aurora is the Dragonslayer celebrating with a cigarette and champagne. Belle killed the beast. Hence the skull and half breed baby…and necklace of teeth. Jasmine is her father’s personal bodyguard. Hence the tiger death mask. Mulan is the assassin.”

Here’s a bit more:

Most of their male counterparts ended up unable to survive. Or left them alone.

Cinderella escaped the castle, where her prince was hell bent on leading his people to devastation. Then he was overthrown and murdered in the midst of the impending chaos. Snow took her fated poisoning and turned it around by learning the trade. Who needs saving, or protection, when you can avoid the danger, and use it to your advantage? Tink does for herself, using her skills to fight the pirates. Wendy took leadership when Pan was gone. Esmeralda took to the streets when her soldier love left her (remember the book?) Ariel went back to the water when her prince was murdered. Sleeping Beauty had to slay her own dragon. Belle’s obviously been raped and imprisoned. (See the baby?) She killed her tormenter. But she kept the child. Jasmine protects her father now that her hapless husband was killed in the war. She kept his monkey, though. Mulan to me is the pansexual. She is an assassin, and utilizes everything at her disposal. And she LIKES it. Alice is the perpetual child, hell bent on the magic of destruction.


CHARTS (Downloads & Printed) CONTAIN:
• Accurate colour mockup of finished piece on front sheet (printed on high gloss photocard on printed charts)
• Instructions on how to tackle a large design
• Easy to read black & white pattern (printed on high quality paper on printed charts)
• Page layout guide on every page
• Full colour key
• Floss usage list (for stitching 2 over 1 on 25 count fabric)

• Everything listed above, plus…
• Pre-sorted DMC Stranded Cotton with extra length
• Fabric complete with an extra 3 inch border around each sides
• Needles
• Full Instructions with diagrams

Recommended fabric: 18 count or higher. You may stitch it on any fabric you’re comfortable with, but you will get a better effect at closer range when stitching on a higher count fabric.

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