Lucy Magee

Lucy Magee

My intention with my art is to transport you to a magical destination where colours are gloriously vibrant and sublime, and where you can set your imagination free!

I would describe my style as very feminine, whimsical and joyful. The subject matter I love most to paint is a beautiful, elegant lady with a flowing dress, usually accompanied by water. I also have an affinity for birds and animals and I love to include them with my paintings. These creatures don’t want anything from us other than to be our friend, and what could be more beautiful than that!

The inspiration from my art has come from many things; My travels of the world; being born and raised in Belfast, Ireland surrounded by the incredible Irish landscapes and the mystical Irish folklore and wonderful traditions that have helped broaden my imagination, living in Southern California for the last 7 years having the most beautiful coastal views on a daily basis, travelling around Barcelona and the Amalfi Coast where I was awed and inspired by the amazing mosaics by Gaudi and the exquisite tiled art of Positano.

I also lived in Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula for a year which was an amazing experience; I swam in cenotes, saw ancient Mayan ruins, learnt how to speak Spanish, discovered Chaya Frescas (yum!!!), and was surrounded by the most glorious bodies of water! Some pink, some mint.. some the home of flamingos. It was a pastel heaven!

I also take inspiration in the colours, animals, places and stories that uplift me and provide a sense of serenity. You may notice a hint of fairytale magic in my paintings, ok a lot, but it really makes me happy! And I want to pass that happiness on to you, my friends.

I like to begin with a little colour composition of what I would like my painting to look like; a small 5″ by 7″ is usually enough. Once I am happy with the colours, the story and the overall balance of the painting I set to work on my canvas. First I sketch with a pencil and once the drawing is complete I add the paint!

I like to play with different colours as lights and shadows. I feel it makes for a more interesting painting. I also pay attention to the complimentary nature of colours and the feelings that they evoke.

Colours are extremely important in our lives; they have the power to make us feel every single emotion!

I am originally from the north of Ireland and currently live in sunny San Diego. I have shown in galleries in San Diego, California and Merida, Mexico.


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